New Year's Resolution Fail.

I am pretty sure waaaaaaaaaaay back in January I resolved to make 1 Pinterest project per month. Well, over half the year is gone now and I have little or nothing to show for my lofty goals. So I am perusing my "I think I can do that..." board and picking out 5 projects to finish before 2013 rolls around.

1. Photo Plaques

I picked this one because it looks fairly simple and well-within my skill set and I need to print out more recent photos of the hubs and I. Besides, I also want to re-do the bedroom, so this is a great and inexpensive way to have some new art for the walls!

2. T-Shirt scrap rug

I chose this one because I had high aspirations once upon a time to make a T-shirt blanket out of my old NIU t-shirts, so I cut them up. Fail. They are still in pieces in a bag in the closet. Perhaps if I cut them up some more I will actually use them! It's worth a shot...

3. Braided bracelets

If I can pull these off they would be lovely, inexpensive, yet meaningful Christmas presents.

4. A holiday wreath of some sort

There are ALOT of fun options for this one. It just depends on the season and amount of time I have to spare for it.

5. Some type of "word art"

Again, there are a lot of options out there for this one, it's just a matter of finding the right quote and medium to make it happen

A few honorable mentions if I can bang out the 5 above:
Ornaments as magnets for Christmas - another possible cool gift idea
Wire hanger words covered in yarn
Photo tiles/coasters/canvas
Upcyling frames and old cookie sheets
Date night jar (maybe for Valentine's day?)
A DIY cake stand 

Oh yes, and I want to make a quilt.

And I just started re-decorating my bedroom, including a giant dresser-painting project. 

Just color me crazy.

I can't wait to get started!!


AlliFerg said...

I love all these ideas! Especially the plaques, and the t-shirt rug and the word art. Okay, so mostly all of these ideas ...

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