Tuesday Shoesday - B*tch Stole My Look!

Shoes can make or break an outfit sometimes.
Anyone else out there watch Fashion Police with Joan Rivers? Well, I love that show (thank you Mama Derry for introducing me to it) and one of my favorite segments ever is “B*tch Stole My Look!” when they compare two celebrities with the same dress and determine who wore it better.
I was flipping through a gallery of who wore it better pictures the other day and my votes on who looked better were usually dependent on the shoes.  So, for Tuesday Shoesday this week we are going to do my own version of “B*tch Stole My Look” and feature outfits where the shoes, specifically ankle to calf high boots, absolutely killed the losing look. 
Kim, Katy, Zoe, and Alessandra all rocked the same dress, but Kim K just looks stupid in those calf-high shiny boots. Short girls should know better...

Kim K vs. Britney - Brit could've had a wow moment here, but she chose calf-high-circa-1998 boots

Diane v. Kate - Well obv. Diane always looks fab, but the dark booties are what kill Kate's look for me

T. Swift vs Carmen - "I think this dress will look super sexy with my gray, velour, slouchy, calf-high boots" said no-one ever.

Ashley vs. Stephanie. Short girls - don't cut yourself off at the ankle or calf!

Ciara and Kim - clearly both wearing a look straight off the runway and both clearly looking ridiculous in those leopard booties.
Now, ankle and calf boots are a hard look to pull off with short dresses unless your legs are about 5 miles long and even then it falls flat sometime. It’s all about proportion and I prefer boots that hit anywhere below the knee with long skirts or leggings or tights or jeans. I think that helps to not cut a person off and it’s all about looking long and lean, not boxy and compartmentalized. 

So what to you think? Agree or disagree with who I think wore it better? Sound off in the comments! 


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