Fall Bucket List Progress

Oh my goodness, I feel like life has definitely gotten in the way of blogging here folks. Sorry about the extended time away! I thought that since we are in the full swing of autumn that I would update you on how I am doing on my Fall Bucket List!

Take an autumn nature walk – I am checking this off, because I do this every day twice a day with my pups. If I had an extra hand I would’ve been taking tons of photos of the fall beauty all around me, but alas, I only have two hands, so I just say a little prayer of appreciation instead. Fall makes me quite introspective and contemplative so I have especially been enjoying these early morning quiet times outside… that is when my dogs aren’t yapping their fluffy little heads off at other dogs.

I am also checking off decorate your porch for the season – now technically I can’t really decorate my porch because of the Nazi Homeowners Association where I live BUT I have fall-ified my condo. I have twig wreaths, white pumpkins, and owls scattered throughout my living room which is good enough for me. I am already thinking ahead to Christmas d├ęcor… I know it’s awful. I just can’t help myself.

Get a new fall hair-do is done! You may have seen if you follow my self-absorbed instagram feed:@ashb_86

I love the darker do AND the plus side is that this will fade out into my natural dark brown, so no more dye jobs for awhile.

Make my own Halloween costume – also done-zo! My buddy Molly and I have matching costumes that we made and I am SO excited for the big reveal. Why did we make these a month early??? Izzie may also have a matching costume… J Stay tuned to see if we win big at the work costume contest!

I haven’t baked pumpkin muffins yet – BUT – I have eaten some, so that counts right?

My final thing to cross off this list, but continue doing, is to go running regularly in the crisp fall air. I have been doing that and I think am going to need to do a whole separate post about why I have been so much more consistent and that I may… might… perhaps actually enjoy it. I don’t even know who I am anymore! Haha

I also have a couple more bucket-list items scheduled for the upcoming weeks, and AlliFerg said I can come over and rake leaves to check off another one, so I will be keeping very busy this Autumn! How are you doing on your Fall traditions?


AlliFerg said...

Ha. I love that you own the self-absorbedness. But you always look beautiful, so I enjoy seeing your pics :)

In addition to raking leaves we now have Friday, Oct. 27 free if you want to do a haunted house? :)

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