Gallery Wall Reveal

I am finally finished with a nearly month-long project: The Gallery Wall.

I had decided at Christmas this year that I would use my Christmas money to put together a new gallery wall. I don't really have a before photo, this one is the closest I can find. I had moved all of these photos from over the couch on to the hallway wall.

 It's kind of a sad little grouping isn't it?

Well, here is the new and improved gallery wall - for less than $100!

I got several of the frames in a multi-pack from HomeGoods - which cost around $40, I purchased the shadowbox on clearance from Target for $12, added 2 frames from Hobby Lobby for $14, plus materials for the 2 canvas projects and the hanging vase which added to about $10, the "dog rules" art at $7, plus the printing of some photos for roughly $8 puts the entire thing at about $90!

I will go through and show you what is in all of the frames! I had so much fun choosing what photos to keep and what new ones to add!

The frame on the left is a photo of a doorway in Crete that Brandon too, the ribbon board holds a photo from Ephesus which Brandon also took.

The map on the left is a map of Middle Earth (we are nerds, what can I say?) The silver frame is Brandon and his siblings on our wedding day (one of the few photos that made the cut and got to stay on the wall), and the white frame underneath that is a recent family photo of my cousins

The "Dog Rules" - except I could do without the "Respect the cat" line ;)

The top photos were from our trip to Hawaii - it is hard to see, but the 2nd photo in that frame is of a bench that says "Enjoy the moment"

I painted the words to our first dance song onto a canvas (Norah Jones' version of Love me Tender). Brandon read it and said "Oh, is that a song or poem or something?" #facepalm

The bottom right is my favorite photo of Brandon, it is my desktop at work too. It's a photo of him with a Dominican child. This picture was actually Brandon's facebook photo when we started dating, maybe that's why I have such fond feelings towards it :) This was another one that made the cut from the last group :)

The "Derry" sign was a wedding gift - we were actually lucky enough to get two! We have one, and gave the other one to my in-laws and it hangs on their gallery wall too! The two photos in the rectangle frames are from our honeymoon in Sedona. The center one is one of our engagement photos. I had both of these rectangle frames up before, but a different photo on the left, plus the "Derry" sign made it on the wall again... I actually don't think I took it down.

The shadowbox! I wrapped the backing in burlap, added some twine, and then attached two little map-charms my little sister in law made me for Christmas. They are supposed to be for jewelry, but I liked them too much to not put them on display. The maps are of Crete and Sedona.

The black and white photo is a photo of my mom and dad at my dad's senior prom in 1982. I framed the thermostat so it blended in. I had to actually break the glass out of that frame because it was GLUED in! It was the first time I had ever seen that!

Above the thermostat is a family photo (minus a brother) in London. We we only there one night and had to get in a whirlwind tour!

I had the mirror for quite some time and had never gotten around to hanging it up. The frame under the mirror is another shot from Ephesus by Brandon. On the right is us on our wedding day (another one that got to stay on the wall). I painted that bronze and white chevron pattern and am still not quite finished with that canvas, but it will have to do for now. :) On the bottom is my most challenging project. It probably deserves its own blog post.

This photo was taken in Rome by my little sister in law. She edited it too. I am in love with it.

Here is another photo by Anna taken in Italy - this one and the one above make it my favorite corner of the gallery!

This dang hanging jar was much trouble to make I almost scrapped it. I used 3 different types of glue, pliers, wire snips, 2 different jars, and a screw to get this thing together. It still isn't quite how I had pictured it in my head!

 So, what do you think? I love my new wall. I actually just stand there and look at it sometimes, just to admire it. I love looking at all of the photos from all of the amazing places we have been blessed enough to visit. I am in awe of it all.
Except that little vase. :)


Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

Oh wow, I love the new gallery wall! Such an amazing improvement! I have a gallery wall that has been up for a while - I think it needs a major update - thanks for the inspiration!

Oh and thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

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