Golden Globes Worst Dressed - Restyled

I enjoy watching the red carpets, Fashion Police, Project Runway, and all sorts of fashion-related shows. I often watch this with my mama-in-law who introduced me to Joan Rivers and her Joan Rangers. haha One of the things we often say, is how we'd love to be able to style celebrities and I mean, how hard could it be to be a stylist? Putting beautiful people in beautiful clothes? Puhleeese - sign me up!

(Granted, I probably wouldn't get a lot of long-term fulfillment out of that career, but it's fun to dream!)

So, in an effort to "put my money where my mouth is" I decided to re-style three of my "worst dressed" picks from the Golden Globes. ***Disclaimer - there is some shoddy cutting and pasting involved in my re-stylings, not a computer wizard here guys!****

 I chose Sienna Miller because I hated her outfit the most, Jessica Chastain because she committed the worst crime against her girls, and Rachel Weisz because she was so close to getting it right.

Let's take a look at the lovely Rachel Weisz first:

Rachel Weisz - What I should've worn - golden globes

Rachel Weisz - What I should've worn - golden globes by ashb86 on Polyvore

What Rachel Wore: A LBD with sheer polka dotted skirt, complete with a little bow at the waist. My problem with this dress - 2 problems actually - is the sheer skirt just looks like an after thought AND it seems very childish with the cut, polka dots, and bow. I think this dress is more suited for an Elle Fanning or Hailey Steinfeld.
What I would've had her wear: I would've put her in the beautiful black and white Marchesa gown on the far left. I think it captures the feeling of whimsy that she was going for, but with a lot more sophistication and glamor. The other option I threw in is a vintage 1950's polka dotted dress in case she was just really feeling polka dots. 

Agree, disagree?? 

Next up, the lovely Sienna Miller:

Sienna Miller - What I should've worn, Golden Globes

Sienna Miller - What I should've worn, Golden Globes by ashb86 on Polyvore

What she wore: This very silly, mod-esque, two-piece outfit that looks a little like a craft project (CUSTOM designed by Erdem) She really loved it, but I do not. 
What I would've had her wear: This gorgeous dusty rose Chanel Couture 2012 gown.  I also would've had her style her hair a bit more glam. I think this dress still has a sense of fun to it, plus shows off her toned middle, similarly to the 2-piece mess she wore. I wouldn't have her go with the big arm hardware like in the photo, but something a little more delicate. 

What do you think? 

And finally, the beautiful Jessica Chastain. 

Jessica Chastain - What I should've worn to the Golden Globes

Jessica Chastain - What I should've worn to the Golden Globes by ashb86 on Polyvore

What she wore: That mess of a dress that gave her granny boobies by Calvin Klein. I just can't forgive crimes against the girls. Women, you are supposed to WORK your assets, not hide them in folds of fabric that makes it look like they sit at your waist. They will get there eventually, don't rush it! 
What I would've had her wear: Either one of these minty Ellie Saab 2012 Spring Couture gowns. The color is almost the same, which is very flattering to her skin tone and hair. I'd really like to see her in the higher neckline, but since it seemed she was committed to a low cut, I put her head on that one. 

What do you think? Better, worse? 

Should I not quit my day job? 

Either way, this was a lot of fun!


Brittney said...

That's awesome! I think they are all much improved!

Janna said...

If I become famous, you can be my stylist.

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