Grammy Style

I loved the Grammys this year. I loved seeing the fashion, but even more than that, the performances. I love, and I mean looooooove, fun., Mumford and Sons, Dierks Bently, Miranda Lambert, Tswizzle, Bruno Mars and so many more. I thought most of the performances were pretty fantastic, but really enjoyed the in memoriam performance by Zac Brown Band, Alabama Shakes, and Mumford and Sons and the Bob Marley tribute performance with Bruno Mars, Sting, and Rhinana.

But for now, let's take a look at the fashion :)
Best of the Night:
RiRi looks fantastic.

Taylor Swift - looking like a "man eater" lol

Carrie Underwood - looking beautiful and all glitzed up

Yes- that hair is ridiculous but Bonnie McKee looks gorg.
I don't know why she was there, but Kathy Griffth looks hot to trot :)

Most Fun:
Adele. I love that she departed from her normal basic black - people thought this looked like a granny quilt, but I loved it.

Florence Welch - an age buddy - she looks like a sparkly green dinosaur but I still love it

Katy Perry. Judge me if you want - I love this.

I just had to throw Kat Dennings on here because she got a lot of hate and I love her. lol Yes, her dress is a little chintzy, but I still thinks she looks good.

Dapper Dudes:

John Mayer - best I have seen him look in the last 5 years

Justin Timberlake.

Worst Dressed:
Kelly Rowland. Could we leave a little to the imagination? She seriously must have broken the dress code in about 100 ways.

Estelle. She designed her own dress - perhaps she could keep her day job

JLo. She seriously doesn't know how to keep it classy.

Ashanti has no taste. None.

Alicia Keys - beautiful girl, don't even really mind this dress/top thing, but the helmet hair has got to go!

Beyonce. No. Just no.


AlliFerg said...

I truly feel Kat looks like she borrowed that dress from the wardrobe of Two Broke Girls! Yuck.

Sara SHOEmaker said...

don't particularly love any of these looks but it's always fun to look at red carpet fashion no matter what! taylor swift has definitely changed though

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