Oscars Fashion - Best and Worst Dressed

Ah - Oscar's night - the pinnacle of awards season and red carpet fashion!

However, I can't lie here folks, I was a little underwhelmed this year by the fashion choices. Have I become jaded and cynical? Are my expectations too high? I'm not sure, but I really think many of these ladies could have done better. I just wasn't wowed by anyone.

Anyway, with the exception of my Final Four - Amanda Seyfried, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, and Jennifer Lawrence - I will go through some of my favorite and lease favorite looks of the night. I will have a separate post on those four ladies though - so stay tuned!

Best Dressed: And even though I wasn't wowed - these ladies did look absolutely gorgeous.

Amy Adams - I loved this dove grey gown
And here she is looking stunning in her after-party gown.

I know Amy Poehler wasn't actually at the Oscars, but this may be the best I've ever seen her look!

I want to cry just looking at this picture of Robin Roberts - stunning, just simply stunning. his is actually my favorite gown of the night - the cobalt blue is beyond gorgeous and she just has such a remarkable story. Love it.

Catherine Zeta-Jones - Ladies - this is what a movie star looks like. I love this gold dress, plus the hair and earrings - perfection.

Charlize Theron - She is topping best-dressed lists everywhere and it's not hard to see why. She is elegant and classy in this simple gown

Guilianna Rancic - I think she was sick since she looks a little green around the gills, and a little extra-thin, but I think a lack of hair extensions and this simple gown look fabulous on her

Jennifer Aniston - I LOVED seeing her in a voluminous, bright dress - this is a departure for her so I can forgive her for going w/ her standard blow-out.

I don't know who this kid is, but she looks perfect. :)

Kerry Washington - she's been so much fun to watch this red carpet season - and did not disappoint on Oscar night.

Nicole Kidman is getting her mojo back a little more every red carpet. She's so close w/ this gown - I just would change that little gold thing that looks like the bat symbol at her waist. :)

Octavia Spencer - I didn't like this dress when I first saw it on the carpet, but the more I saw it, the more it grew on me.

Salma Hayek - She's just stunning and her hair reminds me of Audrey Hepburn's in My Fair Lady.

Reese Witherspoon - hands down best hair of the night. The gown's not half bad either ;)

Olivia Munn - I am just posting her pic because it was a novel occasion that I actually liked something she wore
Stacey Keibler - and this is why she's still with George Cloony ladies. Stunning.

Here is an honorable mention for best dressed, because I am just not sure what to make of it and I think I liked her after-party dress better:
Naomi Watts - What do you think? I like it more the more I look at it....
But I think I like this one better....
And now.... Worst Dressed of the night (there really aren't TOO many!)
Jennifer Garner - She's sweet and wonderful and I think her and Ben are super adorable together - but she's got tail-feathers.

Melissa McCarthy. You are killing me. I think you need to take notes from Octavia Spencer on how to dress a full-figure and good Lord in Heaven - what is happening to your hair?

Halle Berry - quote of the night for her "The 80's called, and they DON'T want this dress back"

Kristen Stewart.... 1. Why was she there? 2. Your dress doesn't fit. 3. Buy a freaking brush. 4. It wouldn't kill you to crack a smile.

Zoe Saldana. She's so pretty. I just do not dig this dress at all. It's different... that's the best I can come up with...
Who are your best and worst picks? Agree or Disagree with me? Sound off in the comments! And stay tuned for my post on my Final Four ladies!


Kristi said...

Robin Roberts was the commencement speaker for my college graduation...what seems like so many years ago (almost ten)! She's an amazing woman with an amazing family. I, too, love her dress.

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