The Final 4 of Oscar Fashion

Well, I am finally getting around to posting on my four lovely ladies I was excited to see on the red carpet on Oscar night. And the contenders are:
Jessica Chastain
Amanda Seyfried
Anne Hathaway
Jennifer Lawrence

I think my expectations were too high... I didn't love any of their looks, but let's break it down shall we:

Up first (pretty much literally the first star on the carpet) is Best Actress nominee Jessica Chastain.

In Armani Prive

Did she look gorgeous? Yes. Absolutely.
Is it memorable? Nope.
I love her hair and make up and yes, the dress is pretty. But it is also pretty blah. There is no wow-factor here at all.

Her best red carpet moment for me was last year's Oscars in this beautiful McQueen.

Oscars 2012 - Alexander McQueen

 This is stunning. This is memorable. I needed her to bring a moment to rival this one to impress me. Like I said... high expectations.

Next up - Amanda Seyfried
In Alexander McQueen
Is it pretty: Yes.
Is it memorable: Again - no wow factor. I am so sick of greige. Can we be done with non-colors?! This dress was basically custom made for her and the fit is fab, the bead work I am sure is beautiful and intricate - but this is not translating well on camera.
Hair and make-up: Gorg.

She did rock another dress though that I thought was a much better look:
In Givenchy
This was her performance/after party dress. I love, love, love this look. I think she should've worn this look on the carpet and then maybe we could have avoided the catastrophe that was Anne Hathaway's Nipplegate.

Third and my pick for Worst Dressed A-lister (A-lister because Brandi Glanville was there and look AWFUL - if you don't know who that is - good for you):

Exhibit A of the beautiful Anne Hathaway, winner for Best Supporting Actress:
In Prada
Oh those unfortunate darts.... They have spawned a twitter account for Anne's nipples. Seriously.

From the neck up - stunning. I like her necklace - but hate it with that dress.
It just looks like a shiny tube of satin to me. Yes the back is sexy, but it doesn't make me like it any more.
Is it memorable.... unfortunately.
So why is this Amanda Seyfried's fault? Well you may have heard that Anne ditched her original Valentino when she realized it looked similar to Seyfried's dress:
The Valentino
 I personally would've still worn it. They could've duked it out on "Bitch Stole my Look" rather than Anne just plopping herself at the top of every worst-dressed list out there.
Here are her other looks for the night:
After party dress: Saint Laurent, the infamous Prada, and her Armani performance gown
So, we all know I hate the Prada dress. I actually really like the Armani gown, except for that it makes her girls look a little saggy. I would've dressed her in the Saint Laurent dress for the red carpet. I think it is stunning, even though it's also a satin-tube. :)
And to leave it on a good note for sweet Annie - this is my favorite red-carpet look of hers:
2008 Oscars - Marchesa gown
And last, but certainly not least: Jennifer Lawrence - Winner of Best Actress.

In Dior Haute Couture
I did love the backwards necklace too - super cute - and just look at her. She's adorable.

Now, JLaw is a Dior girl now, so she obviously was going to wear Dior on the carpet. The dress is stunning. She has the stature to pull off such a voluminous dress. I feel like it is lacking something for me though. I think she was going for the wow-factor, but I don't know if this hit the mark for me.
Is it memorable: Well, yes. Yes it is. Especially when this happens:

The dress actually looks amazing in that shot... Sorry JLaw. lol I don't feel too terribly bad for her - Hugh Jackman and Bradley Cooper immediately rushed to her aid.

She also switched it up later in the evening for a sleeker, but also stunning look:
Calvin Klein
I like this look - but my favorite red carpet moment for her - the very memorable red Calvin Klein dress
THAT - is a memorable look.
What I have learned from this post - aside from the fact that I have too much time on my hands - is that I really like red dresses. :)
What do you think? How would YOU have dressed these leading ladies?


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Watch yourself. Greige is my JAM ;)

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