Best and Worst of the Met Gala

 There is still so much Met Gala fashion I could write about - but we will get to best and worst looks today!

First there are a couple looks I am just not sure on - they have been on both best and worst dressed lists, so I want to take a poll on these:
Jennifer Morrison in a custom made Donna Karan Atelier
I have no issues with Jennifer's dress, its the faux hawk. Hot or not? I think I lean towards not...

Nina Dobrev in Monique Lhuillier
Pants + Skirt = Fashion do or don't? She looks smokin' hot and vampy in her styling and I love that... I am not quite certain on the pants thing...

Emmy Rossum in Donna Karan Atelier
I think this look is definitely a win. I love the hair - but other critics have said it's a no-go and too messy. What do you think?

JLo (in Michael Kors) gets a quick honorable mention for her kick-ass pompadour hair. Fierce.

And now, for the Best Looks! (Some of these are the best I have EVER seen these ladies look - seriously impressive!)Now for the best looks:

Sienna Miller in Burberry
I LOVE her look here - the super-studded jacket and spiky headband with an almost ethereal dress are a beautiful combo!
Hailee Steinfeld in Donna Karan Atelier
This girl looks adorable, age appropriate, and rocked a punk-lite look. Those are safety pins making the little sunburst patterns! Love it!

Emma Watson in Prabal Gurung
Helllllloooooo Hermonie! When did THIS happen? I think she looks absolutely stunning and edgy and just flippin amazing!

Julianne Hough in TopShop
She looks like a little punky princess. And the hair and make-up! Ryan Seacrest, eat your heart out. 

Kirsten Dunst in Louis Vuitton
Louis Va va voom! I am so glad to see her step outside the box from her usual, buttoned up style. This is the best I've ever seen her look - those feathers, the emerald green, and the deep neckline - Stunner.
Christina Ricci in Vivienne Westwood
She looks punk and hot. The only thing I'd do differently here is do away with those sheer panty-hose. Maybe they are fishnet, which would make them punkier, but they read sheer and I dislike sheer colored hose.

Katie Holmes in Calvin Klein
All I can say, is wow - Divorce looks good on her. 
Taylor Swift in J Mendel
Ugh, I get it. You are young, rich, gorgeous, and clearly can do no wrong in the fashion world. Go away Taylor. Just go away. 

Anne Hathaway in vintage Valentino
Holy crap. She looks hot. Like, sex-bomb hot. Why didn't she chop off all of her hair and dye it blonde years ago? 

Sarah Jessica Parker in Giles Deacon  and Philip Treacy headdress

OMG - She definitely had a Carrie Bradshaw fashion moment here. Undeniable perfection. This is Punk-Couture. Hands down, best dressed of the night.

 And now, for the worst:

Zooey Deschanel in Tommy Hilfiger
Yes, you read that right. That is Zooey Deschanel. I know, I didn't recognize her without those bangs either. And that dress.... Honey, this was the MET GALA - not your junior prom. It hurts my soul you did so bad at this because I love you so much.

Minka Kelly in a belted lace curtain

Gwyneth Paltrow in Valentino
Seriously, the more I hear about Gwyneth Paltrow, the less I like her. She said she's never attending another Met Gala because it was too hot and un-fun. Way to be gracious Gwennie. And she wore this ugly pink dress to a punk-themed event and her hair is in a stupid pony tail. Honestly, did you even try?

Kristen Stewart in Stella McCartney.
I think that KStew has a funky, off-beat style that I don't really get, or like, but can respect. This - just no. I wish Stella McCartney would stop making these things and let people thing they are stylish. Ugh. It is just barf-ugly. I also dislike her hair and think it makes her look a little like a man - but we have a couple worse hair-offenders up next!

Miley Cyrus in Marc Jacobs
I think this look is A-OK from the neck down. However, the I've-just-been-electrocuted hair just ruins the whole look. She's worked that pixie into some fierce punk styles, but just so missed the mark here.

Nicole Richie channelling Marie Antoinette in Topshop.
Again - nothing wrong from the neck down (aside from the so-not-even-a-little-bit-punk dress) - but that HAIR! WHY?!
But - we've saved the worst for last...

Kim Kardashian in Givenchy
Yes, ladies and gentleman, Kim K showed up wearing my parent's bedspread and curtains from 1994 to a PUNK THEMED Met Gala. Seriously, this print is practically identical to the pattern of my parent's bedspread, which they also upholstered their dressers with, and had matching curtains... it was the 90's people - it was all about excess! And excessive is this dress fo-sho - I mean, matching GLOVES AND SHOES?! Kim, Kim, Kim.... Oh how good could I look if I had all your money honey. It almost makes me wonder if someone set her up - like she got duped.
Anna Wintor in Chanel
And let's just talk for a second about Anna Wintor - apparently the fashion, Met Gala maven - who is wearing a SIMILAR dress to Kardashian! HOW IS THIS PUNK?! I am flummoxed. And she cropped Kim out of her photos with Kanye on the Vogue website. Yikes.

However, Kim's dress is still the worst offender of the night and I think this tweet by Robin Williams sums it up best:


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