Met Gala Fashion Review (1)

Well, the Met Gala certainly did not disappoint in the area of fashion-risks! Some attendees certainly took the “Punk” theme to heart and went balls-to-the-wall punk – I am talking studs, spikes, and Mohawks. Amazing. Others seemed to disregard the whole punk memo all together and some of the others stood firmly on middle ground, not quite all-in, but quite fashionable all the same. I think the middle-grounders were my favorites because they mixed the hardness of punk with the beauty and art of fashion.

First, let’s visit those I was most looking forward seeing:

JLaw in Dior. Honestly, she’s beautiful, but this was a bit of a snooze-fest to me. It’s a black dress with a net-veil. Wah-wah. Not a Met Gala risk for sure. Stupid Dior – you’ve completely pigeon-holed this girl into non-risky, classic looks.

Emma Roberts in Diane von Furstenberg. Again. Snooze-fest. Yay, you wore a black dress with a slit. You are sooooo punk.

Jessica Alba in Tory Burch. She’s gorgeous, there is just no getting around that. I love her dress and the sexy little cutouts, but don’t love the librarian bun. Don’t get me wrong, I work a good librarian bun on a regular basis, my problem is the context and she could just do so much more! At least her buddy Ginnifer Goodwin took a risk with that make up – and her gown – to die for!

Now, here are a couple of my age-buddies looks:

Amanda Seyfried in Givenchy. It’s definitely a statement dress – I am just not sure what she’s trying to say here. I think I like it, but it also reminds me of Honey Boo Boo’s mom’s wedding dress.

Florence Welch also in Givenchy. Can I just say – rocker chick perfection. I love this look on Florence. No one else could pull this off the way she does. Amazing.

Here are some other looks I loved, but don’t quite top my “best dressed” list:

Carey Mulligan in Balenciaga. This is another one who can do no wrong for me. She looks stunning and so very understated.

Michelle Williams in Saint Laurent was another understated stunner. And LOVE the edgy headband. 

Lily Collins in Moschino. She’s gotten a lot of criticism over her blue hair – I flipping LOVE it (but I may be biased, having some blue hair of my own). I also love the edgy, but still pretty make up. I think she looks fab. I just wish I could’ve found a picture of her without her Volturi boyfriend.

Kate Beckinsale in Alberta Ferretti I read in a blog that this was described as 80’s socialite meets punk. I’d say that’s a pretty accurate description, and let’s just face it, this woman could wear a potato sack and be stunning. 

 Claire Danes in J Mendel. I don't know if this qualifies as punk, but its just so pretty. 

Chanel Iman in J. Mendel Ugh – so beautiful I could just barf. 

Solange Knowles in Kenzo. She called the look Afro-punk. I don’t know how punk this is, but I love the ‘fro so much! She reads a little more disco to me than punk, but when you look this fab, it doesn’t matter what genre you are channeling.

Stacy Keibler in Rachel Roy. Someone got t he punk memo and rocked it. The never-gonna-be-Mrs. Clooney looks stunning and those legs go for days!

We still have so many more looks to go! Stay tuned for my Best and Worst Dressed lists!


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Michelle Williams and Kate Beckinsale are my fave!

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