Let's Hear it for the Girls

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I was so excited to read Catherine's post about celebrating the things we love about our bodies and making the most of our best features instead of being so down on ourselves for the things we feel are imperfect. I commented on her post, emphatically supporting her message to be proud of the body you have and to not feel ashamed about it! Then she asked me and several other women to submit a photo for a project that shows off what we would consider to be our best asset with a short sentence explaining why we felt that way. If you are visiting from her blog, you know what I chose.

 As I thought about what I would consider my best features, two things instantly came to mind.

Yep. Those things.

It's almost embarrassing to be proud of one's rack, but then again, my mama always said "If you've got it, flaunt it" and well, I got it... er... them.

Ya know what - I think that everyone has some "it" that they can flaunt. When thinking about all of my beautiful girlfriends, several of their "its" came to mind. My friends are freaking gorgeous.
Some of them have legs that go on for days. Some have amazing muscle tone. A couple have that suddenly-a-thing thigh gap. Some have stellar hair. Others have movie star smiles and sexy bedroom eyes. And a few, yup - they've got a great rack too.

See how lovely my girlfriends are...

Anyway, I was self conscious for a good many years about the girls because I was an early bloomer and had all sorts of body-image issues, but then, in the past few years as I've had a boost in self-confidence, I have really embraced my body shape. It also didn't hurt that in recent years curvy, voluptuous women have become a more prominent symbol of beauty in pop culture. Woot woot!

So, let's take a minute to celebrate that classic hourglass figure that was the epitome of beauty back in the days of Marilyn Monroe and these modern day beauties with curves:
Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks 

Hannah Simone 

Hannah Simone 

Kat Dennings 

Sofia Vegara 

Sofia Vegara 
It goes without saying that I do not believe this is the only version of beauty or an ideal of beauty. Boobs don't make you beautiful. I am choosing to celebrate this body type today, because I find it to be feminine and sexy and feel like women should be able to be proud of their best bits - which is the sentiment behind this project that Catherine is launching.  Check out her facebook page too! It's called Accentuate the Positive! You can even get in on the fun and post of photo of yourself and YOUR best features!

(All photos were found on pinterest - except for those of my friends, those I creepily stole off Facebook) 


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