Wish List: A Professional Tote

You know that old expression "Quality over quantity"? Well, I have never been very good about following that with my clothes, bags, shoes, coats, etc. I love options. I change my mind a lot. My body has changed over the years too, so I haven't been able to keep clothes consistently from year to year. However, I am trying to change my ways and bags/purses seem to be a good place to really dig in and start living by Quality over Quantity.

I have hit this stage in my life where I am in need of more professional pieces. Well, since I just secured an intern position, I thought I should get a hey-I-just-got-an-internship-lets-celebrate bag. Ideally, I am looking for a roomy tote, that I can toss in a smaller purse, plus any things I may need for work; laptop, lunch, notepad, books, etc. Also on the wish-list is a classic, streamlined style with a color that will translate through the seasons.

I hopped on the ol' pinterest and found some options that fit the bill.

I love the sleek color blocking on this Marc Jacobs tote.

This Coach bag is simple, sleek, and timeless. 

Diane von Furstenberg's bag is a similar, but more budget-friendly, look to the Marc Jacobs bag  
Love the berry color on this bag - and bonus - it's vegan! 
This one might be my fav though - I am a sucker for shiny things.  And go figure - it was from modcloth.com (no longer available, bummer) 

I will be trolling ebay and amazon to find something that fits my bill and my budget (which I'd like to keep under $100). Feel free to throw any suggestions my way! 

Anything on your Quality Wish Lists? 


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