July Birch Box

One of the blogs I read regularly, The Small Things Blog, is a lovely little blog by a woman named Kate. She gives hair tutorials, make-up tutorials, and regularly reviews her monthly Birch box. I was really intrigued about this and another subscription, Ipsy. These are monthly subscriptions in which you get sample-sized goodies of higher-end products to try out. I loved this concept when I learned about it because I am always trying to find quality hair and beauty products, but I hate spending a ton of money just to try something out that doesn't work for me. I somehow convinced my loving, wonderful husband that this would save us money in the long run, since I wouldn't just be buying beauty products on a whim. So, I signed up for both.

For the month of July, this was my Birch box:

Photo from Birch Box website

It contained:
1. Number 4 Super Comb Prep and Protect
2. 100% Nourishing Body Cream
3. COOLA Classic SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturizer for Face
4. Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow!
5. TanTowel Classic Formula

Now, I admit, I have been too scared to try the tan towel, but I have attempted everything else. My absolute favorite product in this box - the Prep and Protect Spray. It is awesome! I sprayed it on my wet-hair after a shower and let it air dry over night. My hair was so silky and smooth the next morning! This product is completely awesome. My sample is almost gone.

The body cream is great. It has an amazing coconut smell and is very thick and creamy. It is also vegan, which is another plus and it makes it husband-friendly.

The facial sunscreen was really nice. It was very light and didn't go on oily. I just kind of smacked some on my face before I went on a run, and was pleasantly surprised as I really didn't have any type of expectations for sunscreen. My favorite thing about this sunscreen through was the scent. It had such a lovely, light, fresh, cucumbery smell. It was fabulous.

I had tried this Benefit make up before, and hadn't loved it. I think I'd had the wrong color for my complexion though. I liked it better this time around and for light coverage, it's great. I had to build up coverage a little bit, and then it was fine. However, I am not running out to buy this one.

 So that's that. July's Birch Box. If you are interested in subscribing to Birch box ($10 per month) just go to this website - which is my personal referral link.  Or, if you'd rather sign up with out my referral link, you can always put yourself on the waiting list here.


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