Back at it!

Whew - well the last four months have been outrageously busy. I am extremely thankful that I gave my final class presentation yesterday, worked my last Saturday/6-day week, and am *this close* to being complete with my class for this semester.

Just a quick re-cap: Since the end of August I have been working 6-day weeks due to an internship requirement for my graduate work, despite the fact that I am already working in a gerontological career, I could not do my intern hours at my job site. I have had weekly assignments, a major project, and real life work as well over the past few months. I had to put the blog on pause for a bit and made decisions about my priorities this semester (basically homework is more important than what I am wearing). I have continued reading and commenting on my favorite blogs as much as possible, but had no time to write on my own.

I have also been struggling a bit with 'blog identity' and probably my own personal identity as well. I changed the name a few months back and I love it. I just found a beautiful new layout which I am in love with as well! I like that I have varied interests, but that can make it hard to have a solid blog identity. I have also been a little conflicted about the idea of posting a bunch of photos of myself. I love, adore, and am a little bit addicted to fashion blogs and I personally don't find it strange at all to look at photos of other women in their adorable, chic outfits. However, I have had a few people question my choices regarding the "selfies". It is a strange voyeuristic culture we live in I suppose, but I don't want to come across as (or become) self-absorbed, vain, and shallow. I have a very real fear of being perceived in this way by people I know, probably because of people who have bullied me in the past.

Has anyone else out there experience this kind of self-doubt and second-guessing with your blogs?

I have found the blogging world to be a beautiful, safe place for self-expression, so I am going to forge ahead with my fashion posts and self-portraits. Another goal for BPS 2.0 is going to be for a better balance of postings. So, I am going to try to move forward as a better blogger, but even if I fail horribly at that, it will be OK, because I've tried! :)

As for me right now, I am going to continue to bask in the bliss of being curled up on my couch, in my jammies, with two snuggly pups, a cozy blanket, and a cup of chai tea! (sorry I don't have a blog-worthy artsy photo to plug in here! It's only my first day back)

It's been a great day to relax and recharge and right now, that is exactly what I need.


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