2015 - Resolute

I know it is cliche or basic (I kind of hate that term, btw) to write about New Year's goals and resolutions and people never really stick to them and so on and so forth. But I am going to do it anyway, because this is my blog and I do what I want. :)

I really do feel like 2015 is going to be a year of opportunity and of no excuses for me since I have now wrapped up grad school. I am going to have so much free time to fill with whatever I want! The options are almost endless. However, there are 3 things I have really focused in on in the last week as I have mulled this over, and I hope to be able to update you on my progress throughout the year on my three big goals.

1. Institute a Shopping Ban
2. Work on my Fitness
3. Get (and stay) organized

Number 1 - Institute a Shopping Ban.
It starts tomorrow. Sigh. I started early on goal 3 and cleaned out my closet. I have a great wardrobe and I honestly have no need to add more stuff to it for the sake of adding more stuff to it. I also cleaned out my make up, hair, and body products - again so much stuff. So, for the next 5 months (that number will make more sense soon) I will not be purchasing any of the following: clothing, extra make up or hair products, nail polish, shoes, or accessories. Well... I won't be spending cash on them. I have hoarded up all of my Christmas/birthday/graduation gift cards and may need to give myself a carrot now and then over the next few months, but the firm rule is that it cannot cost me anything out of pocket, and I should try to refrain from buying any of these goods.

Goal Dos - Work on my Fitness
For the past two years I have worked really hard on my academic achievements and career. Now I need to turn the focus to my bod (ha! anyone remember that cologne? yikes) and diet. To do this, starting tomorrow I am taking part in a 60 day Insanity Max 30 challenge with a group of others online. I am also super excited that a Core Power Yoga studio opened up nearer to me and am going to try to work that into my weekly routines as well. The Insanity Challenge should then get me through to when the weather gets a bit warmer and I can start running again. I am going to be super motivated for the next 5 months because I am in a wedding. I refuse to be a fat bridesmaid, so there. I think the hardest part is going to be the diet and I think I am going to have to break down and finally learn to cook.

Goal # 3 - Get (and stay) Organized
I have already started the de-cluttering process and its been eye opening. So far we have organized and purged my closet, the dog cupboard, the pantry, my bathroom, and the office (which was a 2-day debacle where I may have had a meltdown or 10, but thank goodness it's over). Still to go: miscellaneous paperwork,  under the bed, the big bathroom, and the hall closet. We both agreed to save the storage unit for Spring. It is going to be so freeing to have a place for everything and I hope this keeps us more mindful in not just adding extra stuff that does not have a clear use or purpose for entering our home.

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