New Year's Resolution: Progress Report

I was catching up on my favorite blogs this morning and feeling a bit guilty that I was lounging on the couch at 9:15am with a cup of coffee and my computer. I am not quite out of graduate-school mode and still get a panicked sense of urgency now and then like "oh-my-gosh-what-paper-is-due-at-midnight?" but then I just take a deep breath and calm the heck down. It is still fairly new to feel like I can actually use a Saturday to relax and do what I want, like not put on real pants.

So, a quick update on my New Year's goals.

I am killing it on the fitness part, yo. I have been doing the Beachbody, Insanity Max 30 program since January 5th, so I just completed the 3rd week. I have a Facebook group with a couple coaches that are awesome and there is this whole instagram culture of fitness, which is awesome and encouraging and inspiring. Having that level of accountability is huge. Plus, I am honestly already seeing results. I am not ready to share any photos or numbers on that front, but just trust me, things are less jiggly than they were at Christmas and that makes me a happy girl, a sore girl, but a happy girl.

I am incorporating their dietary shake supplements, Shakeology, also, but I am still skeptical of it. I am NOT replacing any meals, just adding it in as an after-work-out snack. Some of the recipes are pretty delicious. I think though, more than the workouts, what has made a difference is paying way more attention to what I am putting in my body for fuel. I have been tracking my calories/cards/sodium/sugars with MyFitnessPal and it makes a HUGE difference. This does not mean my cooking as improved... this week my husband did ask me if Smaug had stopped by to help me prepare a chicken breast.

The chicken looked something like Laketown after this shot.

Anyway, moving on to the last two goals - Shopping ban and organization.

I have not purchased any clothing, shoe, or unnecessary personal care items since January 5th. However, a bunch of last minute after-Christmas purchases I did make were arriving for the first two weeks of the ban, so it really hasn't been that hard. Another thing that has taken away some of the sting of the ban was a fun Style-Swap night that a bunch of girls from church participated in. We all brought a few of our items we no longer wanted and got to take home a few new-to-us items! I came home with a purse, a pair of shoes, and a new coat! There is also an awesome Twitter-group of ladies supporting each other through this ban - and again, the support is SO GOOD (if I am quoting Sophia Grace). Although, I did read a post today that's making me jones for some cute work out clothes.... that I really don't need.

Except, not really. 

Organization - psh. I got the Christmas tree down last week and the living room de-holiday'd. I have not tackled any of the other trouble spots in our home, but I am counting it as a win if I can keep the kitchen and bedroom clean-ish.

Buttercup gets me.

So that's it - how are you going 3 weeks into the new year?


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