Golden Globes vs. the SAGs

I had really good intentions to share my thoughts on the Globes red carpet much, much sooner (like the same week they happened) but, well, life happened. But that's OK because now the SAGs have happened and I can pit celebrities against themselves!

So, without further ado, let me sit here in an oversized baseball-tee, messy bun, and crest white strips and judge celebrities on their abilities to look good in gowns that cost more than I make in a year. *insert maniacal laughter here*

Rosamund Pike
 Is it bad that I hate her because of Gone Girl? I need to go back and watch some Pride and Prejudice to cleanse my palate on this actress. Anyway, she totally did SO MUCH BETTER at the SAGs. At the Globes she looked saggy. It was a bold look for a pregnant lady, and I like that she went for it, but was just ill fitting. I really like the black dress and the way it shows off her legs.

Emma Stone
I love Emma Stone. I do not love her SAGs look. She was on the best-dressed list for me for the Globes, but it at Worst-dressed level for the SAGs. I am pretty sure this is because of my hatred of sheer skirts. I know she is on most people's and critic's best-dressed lists, but I just really, really hate sheer skirts.
Claire Danes
 Massive, massive improvement from the Globes. Her Globes dress was ill-fitting and the details were totally lost on TV. The green is gorgeous on her and her hair is perfection at the SAGs. Plus it is still a really interesting, unique look that is not comparable to what anyone else was wearing.

Sarah Hyland 
Now, her first look was for a Globes after-party, so not really a red-carpet look, but I still really like it. I actually like both of her looks, but I think it would really soften them to have her hair down, instead of so tightly pulled back.
Jennifer Aniston 
 Oh Jen, Jen, Jen. I know it was a vintage look at the SAGs, but the girls don't look good and it does not do anything for her figure. The black look at the Globes though defines her waist and shows of a little bit of leg, sexy but still classy.
Salma Hayek
Again - she was not at the SAGs, so I am comparing her red carpet and after-party looks from the Globes. I think she looks totally stunning and sexy in the after-party dress. The red carpet is too bridal and she over accessories with large earrings AND a flower in her hair. One or the other sweetie, not both.
Naomi Watts
 She went from best-dressed levels - mostly because of the stellar snake necklace - to snooze-fest at the SAGs.

Lupita Nyong'o
 Really, she can do no wrong for me. But, if I HAD to choose, I prefer her SAGs look. But just stunning either way.

Julianne Margulies
 I am so sad that she wasted this blue stunner on an awards show where she was not even seen. Her hair is better and she looks like 10 years younger. It was actually sad to see her in that red frumpy look with bad hair presenting an award at the Globes... but that blue - that would've been perfection.

Amy Poehler 
Now, I love me some Amy Poehler. Love her. But she definitely did better at the Globes. She looked classy and sophisticated. I like the sassy, sexy feeling she brought to the SAGs, but this dress just did not work for her shape.

Julianne Moore
I swear this woman hired a new stylist. I cannot decide which of these looks I like better. Just absolutely stunning either way. Best dressed at both shows.

Keira Knightly
Keira seems to be a bit more old-school about dressing her baby-bump and that's great, as long as she is not doing it in a bug-adorned, ruffled sack that she donned at the Globes. I mean, bleh. The purple stunner at the SAGs is a 100% improvement. So stunning - and her hair and make up are better too - I prefer a softer look on her I think.

Patricia Arquette 

Either way you look at it, Patricia's style is not that great. However. She did much better at the SAGs if you just don't look at her hair (which is a hot mess.) The forest green is a softer color on her and the structure of that dress is so much more flattering. Oh and there is not a giant shoulder-piece competing with her head for attention.
Emilia Clark and Felicity Jones
Now, these are obviously two different women. BUT they made the same bad choice. Why is this X-neckline a thing? This is NOT something the Mother of Dragons should be wearing.


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