Weekend Highlights

This past weekend was PACKED with stuff. I was a busy, busy girl. I wanted to share some of the highlights with ya'll

Saturday morning:
I left home, bright and early, to head to my cousin's for a Wheel-a-thon. She works as a PT at a rehab center and this was an event raising money and awareness for people with disabilities. There was a 2-mile route which people walked or wheeled with the wheelchairs provided. It was to show the difficulties that people with disabilities face, even to just go for a "walk" by the river. After the walk we had some lunch and a little pool time.

Saturday night:
I dragged my wonderful husband, who is not currently a country music fan (even though I am trying my hardest) to the first of five country concerts we will be attending this summer. He is SUCH a good sport.  Concert #1 was headlined by Rascal Flatts, along with Justin Moore, Eastin Corbin, and Sara Evans (who my husband just referred to as "Susan Evans" bahaha) . We had lawn seats, which I will probably advise against getting (and moms out there - don't let your pretty blonde teenage daughters get lawn seats... just pay for actual seats or else she is going to be hit on by very drunk boys too old to be looking at her). I was just starting to really enjoy myself when a glass bacardi bottle came flying from behind us and slammed into my hub's shoulder. I was not a happy camper after that.... I was irritated that everyone was being so drunk and stupid and was very concerned about my husband's well-being. *grumble* Anyway, the concert was actually fabulous, it was just too bad we weren't able to enjoy it as much as we could have. His shoulder is a bit sore, but overall he's fine.

Sunday was a day of productivity for me - I got a TON of stuff done - so you get it in a list
1. Laundry - done
2. Dogs to the park
3. New fish tank for Steve
4. New shower-head thingy installed for the pups' baths
5. Pups bathed with new aforementioned shower head thingy
6. Made chocolate chip pancakes
7. Cleaned up patio
8. Cleaned kitchen and did all the dishes
9. Went for a bike ride
10. Finished a book
11. Played a game of Scrabble with my sis and mom in laws.
12. Squeezed in 2 episodes of the X-Files. :)

And Monday night - even though it is not part of the weekend we had a great dinner and it was suggested that I blog about it.  :)
We are finally putting Brandon's Christmas grill to good use. I picked up this delish Raspberry Chipotle sauce from Target just because it looked yummy. Here's a peek into my fridge:

Brandon grilled us some chicken breasts while I made some organic white cheddar mac and cheese and peas. He brushed on the sauce at the very end so it was like a glaze. I also used some for dipping sauce (I really like stuff saucy!) Sooooo yummy!! It turned ordinary chicken breasts into something special (clearly, we are not gourmet cooks over here). The sauce had a smokey, tangy flavor with the slight sweetness of the raspberry. It was REALLY good. I can't wait to try more Archer Farms grilling sauces.

Now, to gear-up for the holiday weekend. We are doing some traveling and some camping. Look forward to that blog post. haha :)

Are you doing anything fun over the 4th?


Farmchick said...

Your chicken looks good and I like things saucy too! We are spending the fourth with family and looking forward to a great time.

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