What I Wore Wednesday on a Friday

This week has been cray cray. My nights have consisted mostly of me getting home late, bathing, and vegging out in front of the TV with a glass of wine. The state is inspecting this week at my job, so my mind has been utter mush by the time I make it home - thus the lack of blogging. I was bummed I missed WIWW though, so I am pulling it together and posting on a Friday. :)  Be kind and give me some love people - it has been one rough week!

Monday - feeling like 50's housewife
Shirt: American Eagle
Skirt: Garage Sale
Shoes: Target
Shirt, Shoes, Cardi: Target 
Skirt: Mod Cloth 
Pants: The Limited
Shirt: Target (love these $7 tops!) 
Shoes: Payless
Pashmina/Scarf: A beautiful gift from a co-worker. She brought it back from Japan.
Thursday - these pants make me feel retro. I have the urge to call them "peddle pushers" :)
Pants, Sweater: Maurices 
Shoes, Tank: Target
Friday - day
Shirt- Maurices
Skirt, Shoes: Target
Friday night
Sweater: Kohls? 
Tunic: Mod Cloth
Leggings, Belt: Target
Boots: DSW
Saturday - flea market!
Jeans: Old Navy
Sweater/Jacket, Scarf, Hat: Target
Boots: Ebay
Saturday night - date night w/ myself
Same as the day - w/ new scarf and shoes
Target, Payless respectively 
Shirt, Shoes, Jeans: Target
Sweater: Maurices
Necklace: Caymen Islands


Tracey said...

Love your style!

Anonymous said...

I love mondays outfit. Very fashion forward!

Davey Mac said...

Sun-Sat: Wolf Shirt-The mountain
Jeans: Pac Sun

Darcy Lynne said...

So cute, Ashlea! I have to admit, I've been reading your blog for a little while now but never actually commented... and yes, I realize that "those people" are the bane of any blogger's existence. :) Sorry!

Anyway, your outfits are so adorable. I feel like we have similar body types, so I should probably take a few pointers from your style. Keep posting them!!

Ruby Girl said...

so many great looks, ashlea!! you're adorable. xoxo linds of http://www.rubygirlblog.com/

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